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The Wall Street Journal.

The Face of Real News

In 2016, American journalism and news media had taken a massive hit to its credibility. With the growingly divisive effects of partisan reporting and the sudden explosion of deliberately fake news, an institution devoted to making business and politics transparent to the public had itself become opaque.

We created a series of animated videos that detailed the depths of dedication and integrity of our most trusted journalists, as told in their own words. We also created portrait posters that incorporated their story scenes and elements. Released as a seven-part series, we engaged audiences with proof of our trustworthiness.

kraft macaroni & cheese

The Test Noodles

Kraft Macaroni & Cheese is so obviously easy to make, it only takes three steps. But there is one detail that doesn't have a clear answer. Exactly how long should you cook your noodles? Everyone has a different preference, so it's impossible to give the exact timing, which is why anyone who's ever cooked macaroni noodles knows that you have to try a couple straight out of the pot to test if the rest are done.

But that means in every box of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, there are a few proud, brave, and selfless noodles that will never see the cheesy goodness that awaits their box brethren. These are the selfless pioneers of noodles, testing the boundaries of doneness so we can enjoy the perfect bowl of mac & cheese. We thought it was time to recognize the bravery and sacrifice of these noble noodles.

We launched a campaign asking fans to take and share photos of their Test Noodles whenever they made Kraft Macaroni & Cheese using the hashtag #TestNoodle.
We then used those crowd sourced photos to turn every single box of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese into a memorial for those thousands of selfless noodles. Using an augmented reality app, we virtually repackaged each box with its own randomly sourced photo from the growing submissions.
Every supermarket aisle that carried Kraft Macaroni & Cheese became its own Wall of Noodles Memorial, celebrating the many Test Noodles that gave everything to ensure we could enjoy Kraft Macaroni & Cheese exactly how we like it. Shoppers lucky enough to find their own Test Noodle would get to take that box home for free.


ZQUICK: Race the City

A shoe designed for dynamic grip to enhance speed and agility is put to the test in the ultimate urban relay race.


Your Secret Side Dish

Frozen and preserved vegetables are often seen as the bland choice of an older generation. Green Giant needed to connect with younger consumers in a way that shifted their brand away from boring. We tapped into the simple truth that the most boring meals are actually ones without any sides. People need side dishes to introduce some variety to their plates, and frozen vegetables are the perfect quick and easy choice.

So we created Your Secret Side Dish, a shareable yet easily concealed phone number connected to a modified chat bot that let users virtually cheat on their main courses with some yummy veggies on the side. We programmed it to send naughty veggie selfies, suggest sensual recipes, arrange veggie hookups at local retailers, and occasionally promote new product offerings—but most importantly it made people see Green Giant vegetables as an exciting way to satisfy their wandering palates.

or text (507) 944-2687

We promoted our secret phone number across various dating platforms, including the most infamous of them all, Ashley Madison.


Life Is Happier Outdoors

Being outdoors has a way of making any situation a bit more satisfying.

New York Lottery

Pay Me!


The Vow of Delicacy

The Good Shepherd

Nothing goes better with Hoegaarden than good company, but it's not always that easy to bring everyone together, especially not after you've already tossed back a few glasses. The Good Shepherd app uses Facebook integration and GPS-location tracking to create a temporary mobile network of your drinking buddies so you can keep track of where everyone is. It makes getting everyone together a lot easier--and helps you keep track of that one friend who always goes a little overboard and wanders off by themselves.


We Blow Harder


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